Developmental Editing - $0.032 per word

Do you need help making sure your writing is fluid, consistent, exciting, and concise? Are there run-on sentences, tonal shifts, or unclear direction? This service is for you.

Developmental editing is necessary for a work that needs a reformation of creative content, writing style, and language usage. For fiction, that would consist of characterization, dialogue, and plot development. This process will help you structure your project. Rewriting and reorganizing will most likely occur. You will receive comments on plotting, character motivation, and consistency where rewrites may take away from your unique voice.

For non-fiction clientele, we will ensure you are keeping your audience hooked by staying focused on your main objective with each chapter.

Grammar and punctuation are not the main focus. You shining through as a fantastic writer and improving the flow of your overall body of work is the goal. 

Developmental editing $0.032 per word

Copy Editing - $0.017 per word

If the structure is solid, you're ready for this vital step in the process.

Copy editing focuses on the mechanics of your story. Here the focus is on grammar and spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, redundancies, flow, clarity, and general improvement of your writing.

The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.
- Michael Lee

Proofreading - $0.012 per word

This final step corrects typos, missing words, and errors with the format and punctuation. This service is for a complete work in its final form (pdf) or actual book proof. A once over.

It is the last step before you get to publishing your book.