Whether you’ve had that idea swimming around in your mind or are already writing, I’m here to help you get to the next step.




Through my coaching, you will gain confidence and establish structure.

Writing Coaching One-on-One

Option 1: I will survey your writing before we meet and provide you with vocal feedback on our call. We can discuss a strategy to get you moving forward and next steps.

Option 2: We can discuss where you are, even if it’s at the beginning stages (just an idea). You write or rewrite based on my recommendations. I will read your submission, and deliver a written report. (max 750 words)

$45 for 30 minutes + 500 words ($0.025 per additional word)

$65 an hour + 750 words ($0.025 per additional word)

Book Mapping Session

Receive help creating a blueprint for your book or characters. Creating a map is key to getting and staying on track.

$30 for 30 minutes $50 an hour

Coaching Packages

I motivate. I help provide structure. I get your writing on a workable schedule. I critique.

I do not write for you and I cannot force you to write.

But I will provide accountability.

There are 3 tiers available that provide coaching calls, book mapping, email correspondence and developmental editing.

$175 and up