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Hi! I’m Camile Jené. Welcome to my little portion of the internet. I’m wondering what brought you here today…Are you ready to start your writing journey? Are you looking for an editor for the book you just finished? Or are you interested in one of the books I published? I love my readers! Regardless, I am glad you found me and if you have a story of your own to tell, I’m excited to partner with you.

Camile Jené Book Club is a safe haven for new writers, emerging voices, and those who want to tell their stories authentically.

I'm here to develop your finest ideas into your best writing. With 15+ years of organizational management, writing, and editing experience, I have the ability to envision your final project and help you maximize your written work’s hidden potential. Allow me to assist you in transforming your concept into a cohesive manuscript that you will be proud of and that your audience will love reading. Or allow me to copy edit or proofread your project so you’re ready for your next step. View my editing and coaching services to see which is right for you.